How can I write well enough to be published on

Getting your articles and byline on websites such as can be accomplished with diligence and preparation.
 What is the secret to writing for sites such as
 Reading voraciously is the secret to getting your words ready for a topwriter review
 The answer to the question, “How do I get my writing ready for a topwriter review” is simple and twofold: Write.

Write a lot. Every day.

But even more importantly, read. Read a lot. Every day.

The key to writing yourself to the title of “Top Writer” is having the material to write about.

So, the No. 1 rule for becoming a top writer is to read. Read a lot. The best writers are good readers. The two are inextricably intertwined.

Topwriter Review

In a top writer review, a well respected author said, reading is the key to writing.

And reading different types of genre and material is important. When you read, not only do you come up with subjects to write about, you also are studying language, the ebb and flow of words. You’re learning how words fit and flow together.

Reading also gives you ideas on how to write about your experiences in unique and compelling ways that will keep a reader’s attention. Reading gives you ideas on how to express yourself, it feeds your creativity and helps you see the possibilities for your stories.

Reading also imprints language on your brain. Many writers, this one admittedly, have excellent grammar, spelling and punctuation skills. But we cannot explain the rules. We cannot tell you why it is correct. Or why it sounds good. We just know it does.

What types of material should you read?

The short answer is anything and everything.

The long answer is anything you read, any genre from newspapers to poetry to fiction to scientific papers to song lyrics, scientific papers and cereal boxes, will help you become a better writer. You will see different ways of saying things. You will get different ideas.

So, remember, on your road to becoming a top writer review as many types of writing as possible.

Now that you have read about what to write and how to write it, it is time to decide what to write.

What are you interested in? Do you see yourself as a best-selling novelist writing, mystery, or romance novels? Do you see yourself as a successful freelance writer, writing for magazines and newspapers? Do you want to start a blog? Or do you see yourself as a copywriter writing marketing copy for companies?

If you are not sure what you want to write about, become a generalist and write about any topic that comes to mind or interests you. This is a great way to practice and hone your craft. So on your way to becoming a top writer review your interests and whittle them down until you find the subject that interests you most.

Decide what interests you and then start writing. You’ve got to start somewhere, so start writing here and now.